The Mat Gallery, the open day Matahari - Mix and Match Edition

Cooperation, the new form of communication
The challenge

Our customers are unique, and each of them want to communicate, but all of them don't have the budget to match their ambitions; in front of them, their audience - journalists and influencers - want to know them, but don’t have necessarily the time for one-to-one meetings... the solution? A global event!

The pitch

- Imagine a collective space in which each brand has the same visibility, Instagrammable of course. - Invite each customer to be represented by the founder or a marketing manager - Maximize the presence of journalists and influencers

The concept

Welcome to the Mat Gallery, for its 1st edition “Mix and Match”! A match of colors, a mix of brands; the "Color Block" staging takes up the codes of a gallery and has been designed to weave links between brands; so hair color can respond to hair accessories, apitherapy is not far from organic skincare, and so on. Each brand has its own identical design set, and the itinerary guides the visitor to each space without exception.

The result

13 customers, 90 journalists and influencers present throughout the day. 195 pieces of content published by 75% of influencers. Beyond the numbers, this Open Day is also a unifying project for the team and a place for connections between customers.

• We love them and they feel it...

« Matahari is a truly reliable partner, one you can count on. »


« Matahari remains an agency on a human scale. You feel that you can trust them. They make you feel important. You feel pampered at Matahari. »

Léa Nature

« The Matahari team reassures us and makes us feel that everything is under control. It’s lovely. »

Léa Nature

« They are endlessly patient, there’s never the battle of egos so common elsewhere. The result is that minds are easily changed. »

Clemens Spa

« eSalon is a bit like a family, it’s very solid, so we look for the same atmosphere and the same kind of relationship in our agency – easy dialogue and communication. »


« Calm and positive: with Matahari, conversations are easy, constructive and hassle-free. »


« We feel like our brand is in good hands. »


It all starts with a "Hello" so that you can shine and gain the visibility your brand deserves.

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