Our method

Our method, a state of
Creating innovative and relevant campaigns and making your messages shine is our day-to-day job. Our expertise is complementary; at Matahari, nobody works alone, ideas are passed around. This is our secret to providing you with tangible and high-impact communication strategies.

Our strategy is tailor-made. The haute couture of communication signed Matahari!

A state of mind...

This is haute couture communication, by Matahari!

We implement a strategy – be it in Media Relations, Influencer Marketing or Social Media – that is custom-built for your brand to ensure it fits like a glove, and we measure its impact.

… and commitment

We support brands that work for change, on projects that we believe in. We are also committed in our own way, through a range of initiatives:

Ours is a kind management style that promotes a positive group dynamic. We prioritise flexible remote working. Profits are redistributed through a company savings plan implemented several years ago.

We limit our consumption and that of our clients. The equipment used for the vast majority of our events is hired from specialist companies rather than purchased; we use an environmentally-friendly courier and will soon be offering selective sending (just for those who would like it). Our cleaning service uses only organic products. Plastic water bottles have been replaced with refillable ones and our tableware is sustainable!

The agency frequently carries out pro-bono campaigns based on causes that are important to us;

equipment is regularly donated to charities (La Croix Rouge/Red Cross, Les Restos du Cœur, la Maison des Femmes, Abri de Femmes, emergency shelters, etc.). During the Covid health crisis, media subscriptions were given to carers in certain hospitals and residential care homes. Of course, when it comes to how our agency works, nothing is set in stone, and our goal is to continue evolving towards new, more eco-friendly and more ethical initiatives. This takes time, organisation and thought, but the team is proud of these motivating and mutually beneficial steps in the right direction.

• We love them and they feel it...

« Matahari is a truly reliable partner, one you can count on. »


« Matahari remains an agency on a human scale. You feel that you can trust them. They make you feel important. You feel pampered at Matahari. »

Léa Nature

« The Matahari team reassures us and makes us feel that everything is under control. It’s lovely. »

Léa Nature

« They are endlessly patient, there’s never the battle of egos so common elsewhere. The result is that minds are easily changed. »

Clemens Spa

« eSalon is a bit like a family, it’s very solid, so we look for the same atmosphere and the same kind of relationship in our agency – easy dialogue and communication. »


« Calm and positive: with Matahari, conversations are easy, constructive and hassle-free. »


« We feel like our brand is in good hands. »


It all starts with a "Hello" so that you can shine and gain the visibility your brand deserves.

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