Our values

The important thing is to give
«I enjoy the immense value of human encounters and brand stories. Communications is a wonderful playground when you are discerning and respectful in your work. The important thing is to give meaning to what we do»
explains Sophie Coront Ducluzeau, Founder and Director of the Matahari Agency.

We’re all about doing things fairly, but with that daring little "je ne sais quoi" that will make your target audience remember you.

Based on this principle, each of our decisions and actions is taken according to the values we have held since we started out.

They have shaped us, and now they help keep us balanced. We share these values within the team, of course, but above all with each of our clients, working partners, journalists, content creators... Welcome to Matahari!

• The backbone of Matahari

A family spirit

The trusting, sincere and honest relationship that is built between Matahari and its clients is the cornerstone of success. Creating a space where communication is easy, criticism is constructive and ideas are heard, with no judgement, is the starting point for every adventure with Matahari. We enjoy this naturally close connection with journalists and influencers, as well as with our clients, which gives us an instant understanding of different challenges and needs. Simple but effective!

See clearly to aim straight

Working hand-in-hand with you with a shared goal: to increase your visibility and reputation. This is the core of our consulting work: to bring our experience of the field and our knowledge of the market and trends to reveal the potential in each project. Relevant content, unique operations and messages with meaning are also part of the mix.

Be bold, be measured

We’re all about doing things fairly, but with that daring little je ne sais quoi that will make your target audience remember you. Our creativity lies in a constant quest for original (but always feasible) ideas, messages that reinvent themselves and ambitious partnerships.

• We love them and they feel it...

« Matahari is a truly reliable partner, one you can count on. »


« Matahari remains an agency on a human scale. You feel that you can trust them. They make you feel important. You feel pampered at Matahari. »

Léa Nature

« The Matahari team reassures us and makes us feel that everything is under control. It’s lovely. »

Léa Nature

« They are endlessly patient, there’s never the battle of egos so common elsewhere. The result is that minds are easily changed. »

Clemens Spa

« eSalon is a bit like a family, it’s very solid, so we look for the same atmosphere and the same kind of relationship in our agency – easy dialogue and communication. »


« Calm and positive: with Matahari, conversations are easy, constructive and hassle-free. »


« We feel like our brand is in good hands. »


It all starts with a "Hello" so that you can shine and gain the visibility your brand deserves.

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