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UGC, or User Generated Content, refers to all user-generated content. In other words, the photos, videos and reviews posted on the Internet by your customers.
In a social media strategy, this content is precious because it's authentic, easily retrievable and free, making it a cost-effective alternative to content creation.
It creates a bond with your community, and is also highly effective in social ads, given that such content has a strong impact on purchasing decisions.

Creators versus Organic

But unless your name is Nike, Starbucks or Nutella, you might find it hard to recover that famous authentic content to integrate into your content strategy.
That's why we separate organic UGC (posted directly by consumers) from UGC creators.
UGC creators are those content creators who know the codes of social networks and know how to produce content that reflects you. They're professionals, but they're not influencers; they don't have a community of followers. Or, at least, that's not the criteria on which they're selected. They also require a much lower budget than partnerships with influencers (around €300 per video, depending on the scope of the associated rights cession).
As such, they create white-label content, following a very precise brief, which will be delivered to the brand with a cession of rights so that it can be reused on the platforms of its choice (social networks, website, newsletter, ad campaigns, etc.).


For social media use, UGC content is not a substitute for all the other content you produce, nor does it constitute a long-term feed.
Indeed, these creators cannot be the sole representatives of your brand, because without an associated public image, the awareness generated will be very limited. You'll need to complete your strategy with classic influence and/or a mediatization budget.
Moreover, integrating UGC into your social ads strategy is a very good idea! These formats are making it easier for people to relate to you, developing a close relationship with your brand and it's reassuring to see other people talking about the product/service.
This attracts clicks, increases consideration and your conversion rate will be higher than with other formats.

Our campaigns

At MATAHARI, we've worked on UGC campaigns for different customers with different objectives. See below how:

Mádara, a Scandinavian cosmetics brand, wanted to expand into the French market. In addition to a classic influencer strategy, we built a UGC strategy to enable them to feed their paid campaigns targeting France.
- Different deliverables (in terms of creators and formats) for optimal reuse
- Rights negotiated for the French market, but also internationally for the brand and its partners.

Mitosyl, a famous baby diaper brand, wanted to feed its Instagram account with new content formats. Here, content was primarily intended to be used organically, to meet an engagement objective. We therefore sourced around thirty profiles to create a wide range of content and humanize the brand's account throughout the year.

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