Our campaign with French UGC creators
The challenge

MÁDARA, a natural cosmetics brand from Latvia, already uses UGC content creators on their territory. With a growing market in France, how can the brand take advantage of the boom in UGC creators in France?

The pitch

To team up with French UGC content creators capable of producing beautiful, authentic white-label content highlighting the brand's new products, with the objective of running an ads campaign to recruit new French consumers.

The concept

We selected french UGC content creators and briefed them according to the campaign that best suited them. The brief was precise in terms of the products to be promoted, but less so in terms of the final production of the video. The aim? To give the UGC creators enough freedom to let their DNA shine through in the content, so that the result was as authentic as possible!

Our results

A total of 12 photo and video contents produced 100% under white label, to be published on the brand's social networks as well as on the networks and websites of partner retailers, for ads, with French and international targeting.

• We love them and they feel it...

« Matahari is a truly reliable partner, one you can count on. »


« Matahari remains an agency on a human scale. You feel that you can trust them. They make you feel important. You feel pampered at Matahari. »

Léa Nature

« The Matahari team reassures us and makes us feel that everything is under control. It’s lovely. »

Léa Nature

« They are endlessly patient, there’s never the battle of egos so common elsewhere. The result is that minds are easily changed. »

Clemens Spa

« eSalon is a bit like a family, it’s very solid, so we look for the same atmosphere and the same kind of relationship in our agency – easy dialogue and communication. »


« Calm and positive: with Matahari, conversations are easy, constructive and hassle-free. »


« We feel like our brand is in good hands. »


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